Are my secrets really anonymous?
Yes, and so are you at MCS, we do not store any information about the sender. No names, no emails, no adresses, nothing! No matter what your secret is, share it!
Why aren't my secrets being posted?
Your secret may not be posted for one of the following reasons:

-It contains names, adresses or other personal information that may be used to identify a person.
-It has excessive amounts of grammar mistakes, 'word shortening', or bad language.
-It is not easy to understand.
-It is repeated (i.e, there are many students who hate their roommates, try to specify a bit more)
Is that it? Will you accept anything that respects the rules above?
Yes. As long as your secret is anonymous, well written and original, we'll click the accept button!
Will you modify my secret before posting it?
No. We will either accept it or deny it. We won't modify what you wrote, not even a letter.
How can I read secrets from my university only?
Click on the 'filter' button on the top right hand side of the page and type in the university you want to read secrets from. You can also filter secrets by gender, date, or even search for a desired text!
My university is not on the list, what can I do?
Contact us through our form and let us know! We'll add it right away!
I want to share a secret with a friend, how can I do so?
You can use the buttons at the bottom right of each secret to share it via email, post it in your Facebook wall, or tweet it!
My question is not here!
Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Contact us now and let us know, you'll get an answer, we promise!