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Prefer not to say
2010-07-12 10:54pm
I once used the same condom twice... In my defense: I washed it and she was really hot. It was my last condom
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Park College
2010-07-12 6:01pm
I have to sleep with my TV on. I'm seriously scared otherwise, can't sleep in total darkness or with no sounds, unless I sleep with someone else.
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Delaware State University
2010-07-12 5:33pm
I'm bulimic. I've been puking for 1 year, almost every day. I looked for help last month and I think I'm improving. If you have similar problems ask for help before, I seriously damaged myself.
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Ithaca College
2010-07-10 10:43pm
When i go to the beach, I like stepping on kids' sand castles! I love to see their faces when I do it. I'm not a nice person :)
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Reed College
2010-07-10 7:06pm
i'm the worst dancer! when we go out to the club i usually try to look busy drinking or talking, because i truly suck!
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University of Mississippi
2010-07-10 7:01pm
I like jacking off between classes. I think i'm addicted to it. Sometimes i also get horny while in class and go to the bathroom to masturbate, then i get back inside with my cellphone in hand as if i had received a call :)
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Prefers not to say
2010-07-10 2:50pm
I live in a flat with a couple of girls and guys, and I had sex with one of the girls twice. The first time I was with her was hours before her boyfriend came to spend the whole weekend at the house... It was a really weird sensation having dinner with both of them during those days. The worst part was that while her boyfriend was around the house she would get into my room and start touching and kissing me. What a slut!!
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