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Prefers not to say
2013-06-04 9:14am
I think I might be becoming a shopaholic. The last few times I tried window shopping I spent over $500 in shoes/boots/clothes I didn't even need. And now, as I type this, I feel an adrenaline rush just from thinking about getting new stuff. Any suggestions?
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University of Indianapolis
2013-06-01 6:19pm
I just had to use an online age calculator to figure out my age.
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Belmont University
2013-05-22 6:45am
Listening to the song 'Heart Attack' makes me feel a mild discomfort in my chest.
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University of California, Los Angeles
2013-05-20 8:19pm
When I eat meat, I pretend that I'm a strong medieval warrior while eating it. And when I go to restaurants, I always look in the menu for exotic meats from big animals; those are great for my imagination!
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University of California, Irvine
2013-05-20 12:11am
I feel incredibly dead. I have missed so many classes this year, am on academic probation, and am failing. I don't have any motivation for anything any more and I don't want to get out of bed. I fantasize of ways I could kill myself without it looking like a suicide so that people aren't ashamed of me. I feel so lost.
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Air Force Institute of Technology
2013-05-11 9:13am
Before leaving my house, I always brush my clothes to make sure they have no traces of my own hair or anything else that could be used as a link to myself, in the event that I have to kill someone while I'm out.
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Drexel University
2013-05-09 3:13pm
A while ago there was a huge drug bust on campus and it was on the news, one of the dealers was my roommate. I stole 4 grand from him before the police raided his room
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