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Long Island University
2012-11-27 8:41pm
I just realized that the song "Tiny Little Bows" by Carly Rae Jepsen says "I wish we could be holding hands". I always thought it said "I wish we could be holy cows" ^_^
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Prefers not to say
2012-11-27 5:41pm
My father's not a nice guy and he can be verbally abusive to me and my mother. Sometimes I wonder if I killed him just to stop being afraid of his mood swings, how much trouble I would get into. I just want to be free sometimes
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University of Central Florida
2012-11-23 1:59am
My roommate and I fight about every thing. When she leaves to visit her family, I pour all her food down the sink and tell her it spoiled when see was away.
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The Ohio State University
2012-11-14 3:31am
For my entire life, not going to college was not an option. My parents didn't go to college, didn't even graduate from high school, and I've always been taught that college was not an option, it was a necessity. Sometimes I wonder if college is really the best thing for me...but I know that I can't take time off to figure that out because I'm too afraid of the judgment and disappointment it will cause, and I'm too afraid that I'll realize I really do want law school and that taking time off will keep me from getting into my first choice. I'm a first year, I never thought that what law school I wanted to go to and the LSATs would be so important so early. I'm drowning.
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University of Puget Sound
2012-10-30 11:58pm
It's a goal of mine to hook up with a guy from every sports team on campus
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University of Iowa
2012-10-30 11:06am
I hacked into my girlfriend's Chemistry Program Online. I did all of her homework. She got an "A'' in the course. To this day she doesn't know why I did it.
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Prefers not to say
2012-10-29 9:06pm
I really do love my boyfriend, but I feel like I'm not sexually attracted to him. I don't know what to do.
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